Mercer County Fair & Horse Show

the nation's oldest continuous running horse show

Hall of Fame

The Mercer County Fair & Horse Show has a proud tradition of recognizing the excellence of those in and around our organization, whether it is a trainer, exhibitor or volunteer. In 2003 we inducted our first Hall of Fame members and each year we continue to honor those who have contributed to the success our local Saddlebred industry and our fair and horse show.

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Mercer County Fair & Horse Show Hall of Fame Inductees

2023 Inductees 

Dr. LeMayne Ellis • Larry Hodge

2022 Inductees 

Bobby Joe Young • Jerry “Peanuts” Gaines

2021 Inductees

The Bartleson Family • Eddie Williams

2019 Inductees

Merrill Murray • David Collier

2018 Inductees

Jay Tucker • Glenn Hurst • Coffee Hurst

2017 Inductees

George Knight • Jim McGlone • Bobby Pugh

2016 Inductees

Will Dedman • John “Skeeter” Reed

2015 Inductees

C.M. Shewmaker

2014 Inductees

Bill Wise • Danny Noel

2013 Inductees

Tony Robinson • Red Crabtree

2012 Inductees

Sue Alexander • Frank Lawson • Don Harris

2011 Inductees

I.C. James • I.C. James II • I.C. James III

2010 Inductees

Rebel Goddard • Lee Shipman

2009 Inductees

Donna Moore • Jimmy Martin

2008 Inductees

John S. Alexander • John T. Mayes

2007 Inductees

Jim B. Robertson • Dr. John Baughman

2006 Inductees

Don W. Robinson • Raymond & Lillian Shively

2005 Inductees

Willie “Jack Rabbit” Bottoms • James Buck Ison

2004 Inductees

Jean McLean Davis • Frank Bradshaw

2003 Inductees

Tom Moore • Garland Bradshaw • Earl Teater

The Freeman Brothers – Edwin, RC & Marshall Freeman